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7 Things to avoid to become Successful

Success – This seven-letter word is the favorite word for everyone. Everyone wants to be successful. But, most people don’t know the things that they should avoid to become successful.

With close observation and experience, I have enlisted 7 things that you should avoid to become successful in life. I guarantee you that if you avoid these 7 things and follow the advice given by me you will surely get success in your life. 

become successful

7 Things to avoid to become successful

#1 Stop thinking small  

The first thing you should do to get success is to stop thinking small. Let me give you some examples of small thinking. When I was in a Job for 15 years all I used to think was –

  • Can I make enough money?
  • Can I meet my Target?
  • Can I get a paycheck?
  • Can I get a promotion this year?

Do you think that we are born only for getting a paycheck every month or getting a promotion?

Now I am not thinking about that.

I am not saying that you should not work in a job. You can work in a job, but in a job that makes you happy. That gives you a sense of satisfaction. 

Being in a job or in business, thinking small is a crime. 

Small thinking leads to small life which is short-lived. So, if you want to become successful stop thinking small.

Remember Dhirubhai Ambani’s words – 

“Think Big, Think Fast – Ideas are no one’s monopoly”

#2 Stop Hanging around with Mediocre people 

The second thing you should avoid to get success is to stop hanging around with mediocre (average mentality) people.  

You may find this advice somewhat unusual but it is fact that if you roam around with average people your mindset will be like mediocre people. You will need a rich mindset in order to be successful.

The mediocre have an average mindset.

  • They don’t have big dreams.
  • They don’t have a vision.
  • They don’t have passion.
  • They don’t focus on impacting lives and serving people.

You should stop accompanying such people. I was surrounded by these types of people who were thinking small and they were just doing enough and guess what I was also thinking small like them.

Mindset is contagious. Imagine if you are hanging out with five friends that are conscious about their fitness. You would also become fitness conscious in a few days. On the other hand, if you join the company of five friends that are gambling and fighting with each other, chances are that you will also start gambling and fighting. 

So, the biggest thing you should do is say goodbye to all your average friends, those friends who don’t have big dreams, big goals, and big ambitions. 

 Remember –

“Mediocre people don’t like high achievers, and high achievers don’t like mediocre people.”

#3 Stop being a Consumer and Start being a producer 

The third thing you should avoid in order to become successful and rich is to stop being a consumer. We live in an environment where media and people play a vital role in our lives.

People have conditioned us to buy a car, live in a great house, buy this and buy that. 

Advertisement and commercial marketing is leading our mind. They want you to consume more. Because the more you consume more money they make.

You need to change your thought process from being a consumer to being a producer. Once you start thinking about how to become a producer you will join a club of successful people.

 Remember – 

“Stop being a consumer, fight the power!

#4 Stop being an Ignorant  

Stop being ignorant in order to be successful. 

The reason why you are not rich and successful in life is because of ignorance. You don’t know what rich and successful people know.

You have to come out from ignorance. You need to start looking for coaches and mentors to learn what rich people know that you don’t so that you can have what rich people have.

Remember –

“In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.”

#5 Stop wasting your time on the entertainment

Time is money and you should value it in order to be successful in life. Stop wasting your time on entertainment. Utilize that time on learning high-income skills or reading books.

Cinema is thriving because of the people who love eating popcorn and wasting their time munching and not doing anything about their life.

If you really want to be successful spend more time on producing something or learning new skills rather than spending time on entertainment.

7 Qualities of Successful People in Hindi

You can spend a few hours on entertainment but don’t prolong it. More time you spend on the entrainment more time you take away from things that you create and produce and become successful.

Stop consuming your time watching movies, replace your movie time with book time or mentoring program time. 

Focus Less on entertainment and more on education.

Remember –

“Don’t waste your valuable time in entrainment, because entrainment can’t feed you.”

#6 Avoid the habit of Procrastination

The habit of procrastination (delaying things) is not actually helping you.

Unnecessarily delaying the work is killing you. You should learn prioritization in life. You need to identify things that are important in your life and you should do that first. 

You should understand the repercussion of procrastination and act accordingly.

You should turn procrastination into productivity to be successful in life.

Remember –

“Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.”

#7 Don’t be BMW

Don’t be BMW to be successful in life. The meaning of BMW here is – 

  • Bitching 
  • Moaning 
  • Whining 

You should never do bitching and never complain if you want to be successful. You have to be a problem solver rather than complaining about a problem. 

You have two choices either to become a victim or be a victor. All successful people choose to be a victor and not victims.

Let’s try to understand BMW by example –

Suppose you are standing on the road and a biker comes and hit you and your leg is broken and you had a fracture on it. 

In case you are in the category of BMW people, you would defiantly say that it is the fault of the biker and you will complain on him and you may even try to beat him.

In the above situation also you should never complain. The complaint and moaning will bring negativity. You should convert this negativity to positivity by taking control of the situation. In short, you should take ownership of the problem and solve it.

Start accepting things rather than complaining about things. Successful people follow these meticulously.  


“Complaining never makes anything better”

Over to you

So, it is a time of action. 

Final list is like this –

  • Stop thinking small
  • Stop Hanging around with Mediocre people
  • Stop being a Consumer
  • Stop being an Ignorant
  • Stop wasting your time on the entertainment
  • Avoid the habit of Procrastination
  • Don’t be BMW

Note down these points and follow them in order to be successful in life.

Remember – Successful is always beautiful 🙂

Share these points with your friends and family. Help them to take a step towards success.

All the Best!

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