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Failure or Success – Are you the 92% or 8%?

Successful is always beautiful.

Everyone wants to be successful. But 92% people fail in achieving success in their life.

Did you know that 92% of people actually never fulfill the goals that they have set for themselves!

  • Maybe they’ve set out a goal to become financially free…
  • Maybe they’ve set out a goal to quit the job and start their own business…
  • Maybe they’ve set out a goal to travel the world with their loved ones…
  • Maybe they’ve set out a goal to have their own house, own lands….
  • Maybe they’ve set out a goal to help and inspire lakhs of people…

And 92% of people will never achieve it.

But why is that?


Guess What –  I’ve observed a pattern between Successful people and others…

Here’s what I found between the 8% and the 92%.

And it’s not what you may think.

Success Failure

You see, there’s really only 3 reasons why 92% of people never achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Law of 33% – Rule to Become Successful

Success or Failure – Are you the 92% or 8%?

3 Reasons of Success Vs Failure

#1 They thought they knew it all – The Cost of Ignorance!

Most people when they have a goal that they want to achieve…

  • They either are not so committed to it, or if they’re really committed…
  • They look to find the solution on their own. (this might take months or years in trials and errors)
  • They think investing money into learning from others is “expensive”

So they rather do it on their own.

But the “rare-8%” actually does it differently.

The moment that they have a goal, they go and find a mentor who already has what he wants.

Then they MODEL the successful actions of the mentor, whether it’s the mindset or principles.

Because whatever the challenges or problems you’re facing, the mentors have most likely faced before.

So why waste time to solve it on their own?

That’s why the 8% would get to their goals and the other 92% don’t.

It’s like… let’s say you want to learn how to drive a car.

Do you think it’ll be easier to find a person to teach you how to drive, rather than you just figure out everything on your own?

How much longer would it take if you would’ve to learn it alone?

What if you then did something wrong on the road?

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Something to think about.

 #2 Goals are not aligned with their passion

 Most people set goals like…

  • “I want to achieve financial freedom”
  • “I want to buy a house.”
  • “I want to have time freedom.”

That’s how they got themselves into different online “opportunities”…

Like… dropshipping, ecommerce, filming an online course, starting a podcast…

And many more.

But they never stick with it and achieve success.

The problem with that is…  this became a downward spiral…

They started to lose trust in themselves…

Losing self-confidence…

They think they’re not worthy of success.

But that’s not true.

It’s because nobody has told them that they should focus on the right thing first.

Whatever that you do…

The FIRST step should always be identifying your passion and purpose.

Without this… it’ll always be like 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.

#3 Actions doesn’t match with the ambition

  • Lots of people want to start a business.
  • Lots of people want to quit the job.
  • Lots of people want to make money.

But then when you ask them…

“What are you doing every single day that’s moving you closer to your goal?”

They’d look at you – blank!

That’d think – What?

Remember this, if your actions don’t match with your big goals and big dreams…

You’ll never be able to get there.

That’s what I learned from my experience and from my mentor…

I hope this helps you to understand why most people don’t achieve their goals in life.

Hit reply, Speak your mind and share with me…

What’s your thought on this?

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