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Never Doubt Your Capability – Motivational Thoughts

Never doubt yourself. Never doubt your capabilities. 

  • It doesn’t matter how young how old you are?
  • It doesn’t matter what is your age?
  • It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through?
  • It doesn’t matter the mistakes you have made?
  • It doesn’t matter how people think about you?

You can rewrite your story.  

Don’t let any incident or bad time affect your thought process your decision. It has nothing to do with that.

You need not prove to anybody that you are good. Believe me, you are good. 

You can get whatever you want. The only thing you need to do is Never Doubt your capability.

Never Doubt Yourself

Never Doubt your Capability – Motivational Thoughts

You will be successful in life. 

Don’t think of life as a short game. Think of it as a long game. 

You know that 97% of people think only for the short term. 

They focus at the most on two weeks or one month. All they focus on is next month’s paycheck. That’s how far they think they are playing up to two weeks or one month. 

If you are a little bit better entrepreneur maybe six months or a year.

You must have observed that entrepreneurs talk about the annual plan or annual goal. But a great leader and great entrepreneur think so much further.

Never Quit Never Give Up – Motivational Thoughts

I was reading a book about Toyota and you know Toyota has 100 years business plan.

Well, No one can guarantee that they’re going to be around 100 years but the fact that they’re thinking about 100 years.

If you think of the long-term would it will affect the way that you make decisions right now.

If you think of just one month you will take a decision accordingly. 

You can win only if you think of the long term and if you believe in yourself. 

This means you should never doubt your capability. 

Faith is more important than the fact your ability to believe in yourself to believe your desired outcome is more important than your actual ability. 

Do you believe in what you do so much? Doesn’t matter what says who? What they tell you doesn’t stop you. People around us don’t hold us accountable. 

They have low expectations for us.

Given time as we grow up we accept that as a statement of fact and we think and we believe that’s the way that things are. 

Now you know you cannot go back and say –

Well, no one told me.

I didn’t know.

When the crash is here in the future you cannot say no one warned me about it no one told me to get prepared now you have no excuses you’re in charge of whether you do something about it or not,

it’s up to you.

Your desire is more important than your degree. 

The air is thin at the top you have to learn to be alone without being lonely that’s just the path.

Do you demand more from yourself than anybody else could?

So don’t wait do it and just do it with self-belief without doubting your capabilities. Results will be in your favor.

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