How to Start a Podcast? – Beginners Guide

Podcast- How to Start a Podcast? – A podcast means digital audio file published on the internet. It is series of audio files on specific topic. These audio files can be download on computer or mobile devices. The download facility of podcast is generally given to the subscriber. The podcast can be free or paid.

As you are reading this post, I assume you are interested to know more about Podcast. So, here is complete information about how to stat a podcast?

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How to Start a Podcast?

Things to do before recording Podcast

Before recording your podcast, you need to work on various things.

#1 Decide Name

The first thing to do is to decide name of podcast. The name of podcast should be small and easy to remember. There are three ways to decide name. You can name it with your name. – #Ravirajshow. You can also keep name of your website as name of Podcast – #Bloggersbro. Alternatively, you can keep descriptive name based on niche. You can also include tag line along with name.

#2 Decide Niche

In addition to name you also need to select a niche. Deciding a niche is very important. It is important to have expertise in the selected niche. You need to record audio and post at regular interval on the selected niche. For example, if you have knowledge of blogging and you can regularly generate content on the same, you can start your podcast on blogging.

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#3 Design Cover

The design covers plays a crucial role in increasing popularity of your podcast. You require creative ideas and graphic content for making a design cover. The design covers are of two types.

  1. Channel cover
  2. Episode cover

Make sure to select a bright color while making a cover. Your artwork should be in JPEG or PNG format. The minimum art work size should be 1400 x 1400.

#4 Podcasting equipment and Environment

The next step is arrangement of required podcasting equipment and environment. You should select a quiet place for recording. If you have sound proof place or studio it is beneficial.

Once you are done with environment selection, you need to arrange good microphone and software for recording and editing.

When it comes to microphone, blue yeti is one of the most recommended microphone. This microphone provides high quality and excellent sound pattern. You can connect this mic to USB.

Apart from blue yeti, you can go for Samson Go, Blue Ember or HyperX QuadCast mic.

#5 Recording and editing software

Once you are done with selection of microphone, you need to select the software. The recording software are windows based that can be installed in the desktop or laptop. Alternatively, you can select mobile app that can be installed on either android or IOS.

After evaluation of various software, I would recommend using Audacity. Audacity is free software and provide features such as easy editing, voice level management and noise cancellation. Another popular software is Total Recorder. Total Recorder comes with lot of features that are useful while editing your podcast.

You can also go for Audacity which is free open source recording and editing software.

How to record Podcast?

Recording of podcast is very easy. However, before recording you need to prepare content for recording. I call this content as matter or script. The matter should be crisp and to the topic. I would recommend preparing matter in following format.

  • Welcome Message
  • Topic
  • The brief on outline about the episode
  • Take away from the episode
  • Next episode Topic

Once you are done with preparing matter you can start recording it using microphone. You have to be consistent in recording and publishing it.

Next Steps after recording Podcast

#1 Hosting

Once you are done with recording of podcast, you will need hosting. There are many free and paid hosting service available online. Among all other hosting service provider, BuzzSprout is good choice for the new and experience podcasters. They have free as well as paid plan. Apart from BuzzSprout, you can opt for Anchor, Soundcloud as hosting service provider.

#2 Publish Podcast

Publishing Podcast is easy. You need to upload Mp3 file created for the topic. Once it is uploaded you need to provide additional information. The details are given below.

  • Title – Title of the episode
  • Artist – Your name
  • Album – The name of your podcast
  • Year – The year the episode was made
  • Image Cover – The image art  
#3 Publishing it on iTune, Google Podcast

Once you are done with publishing your podcast on hosting service provider you need to publish it on iTune and Google Podcast. In order to do that, you need RSS feed.

Your hosting provider will provide RSS feed. On Google and iTune you will find link for the submission of RSS feed. You need to enter the feed and submit it. Once it is index it will be visible in iTune and Google.

#4 Promote it online

The final step is to promote podcast online. The few social sites where you can promote it online are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc.

If you want to get early success, you need to spend money on advertising.

Final Thoughts

I hope all your doubts about – How to create and publish your Podcast? are cleared. In case you still need any help on podcasting you can post your questions in the comment section given below.

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