What is Happiness?

Happiness is the simplest word in the English dictionary which can be elaborated and explained in hundreds of ways. It would hardly take a minute to answer the question ‘what is happiness to a person. 

If we ask a child what is happiness to him is, his answer would be when he is gifted with toys, chocolates, or having video games. 

Asking a lady, she will say that it’s when her wardrobe is full of sarees and jewelry and the man would reply it’s when he cracks on a huge business deal and make a lot of profit. This means that the definition of happiness varies from person to person.

But, two things that are common in all of the above examples are positive emotion & sense of satisfaction. Something that gives you positive emotions and satisfies you can make you happy. That means two key components of happiness are –

  • Positive Emotions – Happiness is attached to positive emotions – State of mind (mood). 
  • Satisfaction – You need to remain satisfied to remain happy. Satisfied with relationship, work, income, and your achievements.  

Happiness Positive Emoition

What is Happiness?

Let me try to explain further by giving a real example –

#1 First Example of Happiness 

A few days back while visiting the electrical unit of one plant, I met 45 years old person. That person was standing at one corner of the workshop and was doing his work for rewinding the transformer. He was working on a salary of 300 rupees per day for the last 10-15 years at one place. I asked ‘Being so experienced why you didn’t try to work at other places?’ and his answer was enough to explain happiness. He said, ‘Being an illiterate nobody will give me a job and I don’t require it because whatever I earn satisfies the needs of me and my wife. So why run after money and materialistic abundance.

In Search of Happiness – The Four Agreements

Nowadays we all are running behind on money and chasing materialistic happiness, but while chasing we miss out on the small ones. 

Life is too complicated, we say, but we are the ones that complicate it. Grab the small happiness and live with it. Take out some time from your busy life for your dear and loved ones. Sit with your family chat with old friends remembering school-college days, and spend time with your grandparents listing to the stories. Chasing for the big things we always ignore the smaller ones, but sometimes small things mean a lot in life.

“The more and more you learn to celebrate what you have in life is called happiness – Happiness is a celebration of blessings in life.”

#2 Second Example of happiness 

A man had called for a party & everybody had come. Everybody was dancing and there was absolute excitement in the air and nobody knew that for what this party was called? He called so they all came and he looks the happiest person at the party. He was enjoying a party like anything. 

So, one person at the party took a lot of hesitation and finally asked that person that is there any purpose behind this party?

A man said that Yes – You didn’t know that in the morning my Roce Royale car met with a very bad accident and it is completely damaged.

Everybody stopped dancing – What your Roce Royale car met with an accident and you called for the party? 

A man said yes – Nothing happen to the driver, I was driving. 

He further said that Roce Royale had gone and with money, I will buy 10 more Roce Royale cars in my lifetime but imagine if something could have happened to my hands or leg I could not get a replacement by spending money.

Let’s understand that whether is it is a 100 Rupee Toy car or 1 Cr Roce Royale what money can buy is called the toy.

This incident indicates that more and more I celebrate what I have in life the manifestation of that is Happiness.

“Happiness is not what life gives you. Happiness is what you take to your Life!”

There are many more examples I can give for happiness, but you must be thinking that How to stay Happy forever? Let’s try to explore that.

Over to you 

What is happiness to you? Do share your views in the comment section!

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