Google AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing

Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing are two most popular ways of earning money online. Many people are making thousands of dollars via these methods. On the other hand, many people are confused about which one is best – Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing? 

In this post, I will solve your query.  

Well, many people still think that “Internet money” is fake. One cannot earn money online. However, there are many live examples where Bloggers have shared their online monthly income earned via Google AdSense, YouTube, or Affiliate marketing. The people who are planning to make money online have the following questions.

  • Which one is best Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?
  • What is the difference between Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense? 
  • Which one is best for generating more income? 

So, let’s try to explore both Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing in detail to get answers to these questions. 

google adsense vs affiliate marketing

Google AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing 

Google AdSense – A Quick Overview  

Google AdSense is one advertising platform which is made by Google. AdSense shows automatic advertisements on your website based on the content. The advertisement format would be text, image, display, video, and interactive media. If someone clicks on the advertisements, you will get money based on the rate.

You will need an AdSense account to show advertisements on your blog or website. Firstly, submit your website details to AdSense by visiting –

Once you get approval, you can put an advertisement code on your website for showing the advertisement on your website. The advertisement can be shown on the header, footer, widget, etc. Make sure to follow AdSense policy while showing advertisements.  

For displaying ads with AdSense for content, publishers receive 68% of the revenue share. You can call this commission income. 

As a publisher, you need not do anything to search for advertisements or marketing. Everything is taken care of by Google. You just need to produce good content on your blog or website. You can add a lot of money via AdSense. 

 Pros of using Google AdSense  

1. Google AdSense works on a pay-per-click model. Where money is paid on click.

2. You need not sell any product or services to the reader for earning money.  

3. Advertisement format and size are controlled automatically.

4. Anyone can apply for the AdSense program. Just Gmail ID and a website are required for this program.

5. In addition to advertisement click you can earn money for Ad Impression also.

6. Advertisement is shown to the reader based on interest and past search history.  

Cons of using Google AdSense  

1. Due to Advertisements speed of your website might get low.

2. You cannot choose specific or product-based advertisements. 

3. You can optimize Ads up to a certain extent. 

4. You cannot decide the rate for the advertisements.  

5. You need to follow policy. In case of violation, your account might get banned. 

6. It is difficult to get approval for AdSense. 

7. You will not get any email support.   

Affiliate Marketing – A Quick Overview   

Affiliate marketing is the opposite of AdSense. Companies offer commission shares for the promotion and sale of products and services. It is called a referral program or affiliate program. In this program, as a publisher, you need to promote the product on your blog or website. You will be paid commission income on every sale of the product.   

The commission amount is ranging from small amount to big amount. You can use some of the best affiliate programs based on your website type such as Amazon, Credit Card Companies, ClickBank, WordPress Themes, Web Hosting Providers, etc.  

To start with affiliate marketing, you need to become a partner of an affiliate company. Alternatively, you can join an affiliate marketing network such as Max Bounty. You will get material for marketing the product along with the specific link. This link you need to place on your website to promote the products.  

Affiliate marketing is best for a professional blogger. To make money from affiliate marketing you need to generate content that attracts customers and provokes them to purchase a product. You need to write an honest product review with details.  

You can make a lot of money via Affiliate Marketing.  

Pros of using Affiliate Marketing   

1. You can decide which product to promote on your blog.

2. You will be aware of the commission income generated on the sale of a product.

3. Your income will be dependent on the sale of products or services. 

4. Unlimited income and no policy restriction on the website.

5. You can earn money although traffic on your website is low.

6. No one can stop or Ban you from using any content or product on your website. 

7. You can use unlimited affiliate marketing links on your website. It is an independent option.   

Cons of using Affiliate Marketing 

1. You require a lot of knowledge about marketing and experience to earn money via Affiliate Marketing.

2. You require targeted and trusted traffic.

3. Earning is possible only if someone purchases the product. On click, you will not get any earnings.

4. You require to track your earnings at multiple places. 

5. The earning is not immediate you require to wait for a few days or months to get money. 

Google AdSense V/s Affiliate Marketing Difference  

After going through the detail of AdSense and Affiliate marketing let’s try to get the difference between both.  

Google AdSense Affiliate Marketing
Single Account creation and Management Multiple Accounts for every Affiliate Program
Income via Pay per Click Income only on sell of product
Income credit to Bank Account Paypal or other methods to get Income
Automatic Add Creation and Insertion Manual Effort for Promotion
Income is based on Traffic and clicks Income based on Trust and purchase
Organic Traffic Targeted Traffic
68% of Revenue Share Not Fixed based on Company

From the above table, you can easily point out the difference between Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.

AdSense or Affiliate marketing option depends upon your website content, skills, and traffic. 

If your website is getting organic traffic and you have less experience in blogging Google AdSense is best for you. On the other hand, if you are a seasoned blogger with targeted traffic Affiliate marketing is best for you.

Which one is best as per you – AdSense or Affiliate Marketing? Do share your views and experience in the comment section given below. 

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