Four Types of Action – Which one you should take for Success?

Types of Action Success- Success Quote

You know there are four types of action people are taking in their life.

  • Level1: Do nothing – people who do nothing and take no actions to move forward in life to learn or improve
  • Level 2: Retreat – people who take a little bit of action and then hold back, afraid of failure
  • Level 3: Take normal levels of actions – people who take a “decent” amount of actions and live a “decent” life
  • Level 4: Take massive action – people who take massive actions which create “new problems” in their life

Four Types of Action – Which one you should take for Success?

Do you know out of these four, which one is the most “dangerous” one?

Which one is most people fall into without even realizing it?

Try to Guess!

Yes! You’re right.

It’s level 3.


Because this is a group of people who might be in a stable job…

9 to 5 rat race… 

Taking command from Bosses…

Acting like a Robot…. 

Doing a thing that don’t like to do…

Why? Just because of paycheck…

I know they got respect for their company…

Making a decent amount of income, “satisfied” with their life…

Maybe they have had big dreams or wanted to achieve a lot of things once

They believed they could make a difference to other people…

 But they didn’t do it because they are in a “safe” place, “safe” environment, “safe” job.

 So why am I telling you all these?

 Because I was the one who was in this category for 15 long years!

 Before starting the Blogging and Digital marketing…

  • I was working in a multinational company as a Deputy Manager in Information Technology Department.
  • I was living paycheck to paycheck and in the rat race of getting more money, which may never end…
  • Doing Work which I don’t like… Accepting commands from ruthless bosses like 😈
  • I was working hard and trying to make my boss happy…

Why? Because –

  • My performance and appraisal were in the hand of my bosses !
  • My Bosses have the power to punish anyone irrespective of the committed person who has given 15 years for the company.

It reminds me of one popular saying of my ex-boss.

Bosses and Crows are the same everywhere – Black in color and Black in Nature.

But ever since I learned this concept and realized I was operating at a “Level 3

  • I made a commitment to myself that I needed to change.
  • I couldn’t just take “enough” actions.
  • I need to take MASSIVE actions!
  • I need to operate at “Level 4
  • I need to change my mindset.
  • I need to think the way business people think and take action accordingly

 And that’s what I did and guess what!

 My life has completely changed.

I went from having no time freedom, to working 12+ hours every day on the job…

To build this 6 Sundays A Week life where I decide when I want to work and where I want to work.

I went from having only one source of income in the job to now having multiple sources of income with my business in just a short span of a few years.

But it wasn’t always easy.

In fact, it was hard.


Because something was missing!

In the beginning, I thought I just had to take massive actions…

And my life will change.

But I was WRONG.

It should not be ANY type of action.

It has to be the RIGHT massive action in the right direction.

What do I mean by that?

Law of 33% – Rule to Become Successful

Imagine if you don’t know how to play cricket…

You want to be a bowler…

You took massive action to practice hitting the wicket with the ball every single day for long hours…

But you have no guidance.

  • You couldn’t know if you are hitting with the right posture…
  • You couldn’t know if you’re practicing in the right way…

How big of a chance you’ll become great at it?

Very slim I bet.

So what would you need to do?

Look around and find someone who’s A LOT better than you to train you, guide you, and coach you.

 Someone who’s the skills and knowledge of what you want to get.

If you could have the right person to transfer the skills and knowledge to you…

How much better do you think you could do?

How fast do you think you’ll be good at bowling?

Probably a LOT faster.

The problem is for most people, they either forever stay at the “Level 3”…

 Or if they’ve decided to start something on their own and take massive actions at “Level 4”…

They took the WRONG actions with no guidance…

That’s the reason why they’re still in the same place even though they feel they’ve done a lot…

 Make sense?

 If you feel that you’re stuck at “Level 3” for a long time…

 Or maybe you feel that you’re taking action, but somehow things are just not working…

 I hope you understood what’s missing in your life…

 And which directions you need to go.

 Hit reply and share with me your thoughts!

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