20 Best Part Time Jobs Online & Offline

You can earn extra income by doing Part Time Jobs. There are many part-time offline and online jobs that can help you to generate extra income. You need to work for fixed hours every day in these jobs. The job timings could be in the morning, afternoon, evening or night shifts. These types of jobs can be even done from home. Whether you are in full-time employment and looking for extra income or jobless and looking for income you can opt for a part-time job.

Here are 20 Best Latest Part Time Jobs Online & Offline for 2022 and beyond.

Part Time Jobs

20 Best Part Time Jobs Online & Offline

Part Time Online Jobs

#1 Blogging

Part Time blogging is one of the highest-paying jobs. Blogging means creating your website or blog and sharing your knowledge, ideas, tips, opinion which is beneficial for the readers. Once your blog becomes popular and generates traffic. You can get an offer for the advertisement on your blog. Alternatively, you can apply for Google Adsense account for generating income.

#2 Online Surveys

Online Survey is another best online job that you can do part time. There are many survey website that offers money for filling up surveys. Few popular survey sites are ysense, Clixsense, SwagBucks etc. On this website, you need to open a login and fill up a survey. You will be paid money for every survey.

#3 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can make you rich. You can earn a lot of money using affiliate marketing. In Affiliate marketing, you need to advertise products or services under an affiliate program. If someone purchases a product using a link shared by you, you will get commission income. Few popular affiliate marketing program sites are Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, etc.

#4 Data Entry or Form Filling

Data Entry or Form Filling is one of the best part time offline job. If your typing speed is very good you can go for data entry jobs. You need to do data entry or form filling. You will be paid money for the completion of jobs. Fiverr, Elance, Upwork are sites offering data entry jobs.

 #5 Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs means small tasks such as typing e-mail, editing an image, writing a business letter, searching for information from the website etc. You need to work for 2-3 hours daily to make a decent income. Amazon Mechnical Turk, Ysense, Fiverr are few websites that offers micro jobs online.

#6 YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel is the next part time online job. In this job, you need to make unique videos and upload on the youtube channel. Once your channel gets popular you can go for paid membership, advertisement or paid video model for earning money.

#7 Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is an excellent part time job for students and housewives. Virtual Assistant offers all types of secretarial services to employers. This includes fixing an appointment, making travel arrangements, typing letter etc. It is work-based job where you can get income for working part time.

#8 Part Time Photography

If you are good at clicking photographs you can turn your hobby into part time job. You require a good digital camera and skills to click a photograph. You need to upload these photos to website. There are many companies ready to purchase good photographs.

#9 Online Tutorial

You can sell your skill and earn money. You can start teaching online. This facility is known as online tutorial facility. You need to be subject matter expert for starting tutorial. There are website such as Wiziq, Tutor India that offers online tutorial facility.

#10 Content writing

Content writing is one of the best offline part time job. There are many ways you can make money via content writing. You should be good at content generation. You will be paid money for every article. There are online websites that offer content writing jobs.

Part Time Offline Jobs

#11 Network Marketing MLM

Network marketing MLM is best part time offline job. This job can be started with low or no investment. You just need to become member of MLM company and market product and services of the company. You will be paid commission income for every sell. It is very good career option.

#12 Insurance Agent

Insurance agent is next in the list of part time offline jobs. You should have very good convincing power and skill to become an insurance agent. Your job is to sell insurance policy. You will be paid commission on the sale of every policy.

#13 Property Agent

Property Agent is very good part time job. As a property agent you need to help people in buying selling or renting property. You will get commission income on sell or rent of every property. You need to work hard to make money via this way.

#14 Accountant

A job of Accountant is to maintain account for the client. Accountant is required by small as well as big companies for maintaining account. Most of small companies prefers part time accountant. Thus starting a part time job of account is very good option.

#15 Home Tuition

If you love teaching students you can start home based part time tuition. You have to be expert in teaching of subjects to become tutor. You have to do some research before starting tuition. You can earn good money in home tuition.

#16 Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer is next best part time job. A cost of medical treatment is growing in order to stay healthy people opt of fitness classes. If you have taken training you can become fitness trainer. Fitness trainer earn very good income every month.

#17 Call Center Executive

Call center executive is very good part time job option. There are many companies who hires part time executive for their call centre. In this job, you have to answer queries of customer over phone. You may need to work in night shift as a call center executive.

#18 Part Time office job

Part Time office job is back office job. This include proof reading, filling document, filling forms, typing, sending e-mail, maintaining account and many more. You can find these type of job easily on recruitment portals.

#19 Part Time Faculty

Many colleges in the city require good faculties. If you are qualified, you can approach colleges in your city and apply for part time job as a faculty. You can get good income as part time faculty.

#20 Sales Executive

Sales Executive is a part time job. There are many small companies and shop looking for sales executive. As a sales executive you need to do door to door marketing or you may need to visit stores. You can earn good income based on your skill and what you sell.

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