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5 Best E-mail Marketing Tools

E-mail Marketing Tools – E-mail marketing is becoming essential for the growth of every business. Email can be personalized and used as an effective tool for the generation of leads and improving sales volume.

Email checking is the first task that people do every day. Here are the major benefits of E-mail Marketing. 

  • Targeted and personalized content can be shared
  • You can get information about what action is taken on email. Email open and click event on the link.
  • You can reach more customer and grow your business.
  • You can have stronger customer relationship.
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • It is cost effective way to communicate with your customers.
  • There is no character limit. You can attach image and video in your email.

So, it really makes sense to invest your time and energy behind email marketing. Marketers and Bloggers should use the best email marketing tools to get the required results. To help them, I am here with a list of 5 Best E-mail Marketing Tools for marketers & Bloggers.


5 Best E-mail Marketing Tools

#1 Mailchimp 

Mailchimp is popular and one of the best e-mail marketing tools. Many marketers and bloggers make use of Mailchimp for sending emails to customers. Mailchimp provide easy to use interface with dashboard view. Mailchimp offers free plan. You can use Mailchimp up to 2000 subscribers free of cost. Key features of Mailchimp are given below. 

Features of Mailchimp 

  • Easy to use interface that can be used without technical knowledge.
  • You can design email using pre-defined template and drag and drop builder facility.
  • Content studio for strong frequently used images.
  • You can use email automation and send email at schedule time.
  • Real time analysis on dashboard along with click event.
  • Easy integration with other e-commerce applications. 

Benefits of Mailchimp 

  • Mailchimp offers free plan for email marketing up to 2000 subscribers.
  • Easy to use platform for the beginner.
  • Mobile app to create and send email from anywhere.
  • Analytics dashboard for statics. 

Drawbacks of Mailchimp

  • Becomes expensive if you have large number of subscribers.
  • You cannot send promotional email under free plan. 

Mailchimp Cost 

Mailchimp offers four different plans. The basic plan come as free. Free plan offers up to 7 channels. Total subscribers supported in basic plan is 2000. Next plan is essential. Essential plan comes with cost of $9.99 per month. Total subscriber support is up to 50000. The next plan is standard plan that cost $14.99 per month. Total subscriber support in standard plan is 100000. The premium plan of Mailchimp is very costly. You need to pay $299 per month for the unlimited plan that support more than 2 Lakh subscribers.

#2 ConvertKit 

ConvertKit is next in the list of best email marketing software. Marketer can use inbuilt automation tool of ConvertKit to increase customer base. This tool allows you to tag subscribers based on action taken by them. You can build powerful automation based on action taken by subscribers. Key features of ConvertKit are given below.

Features of ConvertKit 

  • Easy to use email designer with clean HTML formatting.
  • Customize Template along with content.
  • Automation to build custom path with connecting event, actions and conditions.
  • Powerful reporting tool with capture of all email actions.
  • Easy to integrate with other third party applications.
  • Email scheduling along with sequencing facility.
  • Email and live chat support. 

Benefits of ConvertKit 

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Unique facility of tagging email and creating automation.
  • Email sequence facility.
  • Analytics that can be easily understood.
  • Integration facility with other software available.

Drawbacks of ConvertKit 

  • Free account can be used only for 500 subscribers.
  • Limited information available on the dashboard. 

Cost of ConvertKit 

ConvertKit comes with Free and complete version. In the free version you can only manage 500 subscribers. Reporting feature is not available in free version. Complete version is available for 1000 to 1 million subscribers. Charge for 1000 subscriber is $29 per month. 

#3 Aweber  

Aweber is simple yet very powerful email marketing platform. Aweber is AI powered that automatically generate good looking email in few seconds. You can also create landing page using this tool. You can automate email content creation by broadcasting latest post from your blog. 

Features of Aweber 

  • Free template library includes mobile responsive templates.
  • Auto creation of email from your latest blog.
  • Auto tagging and email sequencing facility for customers.
  • Personalized communications with dynamic content.
  • Pre-built analytics and reports are available.
  • Reports are also available on mobile.
  • Migration facility from other email marketing software available. 

Benefits of Aweber 

  • Drag and drop facility for creation of customized emails.
  • Built in A/B testing available.
  • Easy to automate and send email based on customer behavior.
  • Integration with other application is possible.
  • Superior customer support.
  • Free Trail for 30 days available. 

Drawbacks of Aweber 

  • You need to spent money for using this platform.
  • Unsubscribed email address is counted in the subscriber count. 

Cost of Aweber 

Aweber cost is based on subscriber count. You need to pay $19 per month for 500 subscribers. Up to 5000 subscribers you need to pay $49 per month. You need to pay $149 per month for the plan that supports up to 25000 subscribers. 

#4 GetResponse 

GetResponse is next in the list of best email marketing tools. GetResponse is widely used by bloggers and marketers. In addition to creation of email you can also create landing page and webinars using this tool. It is wonderful tool for the small business. 

Features of GetResponse 

  • You can create responsive email using inbuilt templates.
  • Access to wide range of readymade pages, emails, forms, webinar and sales pages.
  • GetResponse allows you to create personalized communication with dynamic content.
  • Integration is possible with PayPal,Square and PayU accounts.
  • Access to workflow system. 

Benefits of GetResponse 

  • All in one marketing platform for email, forms, webinar and sales pages.
  • Keep track of performance using email analytics.
  • Split test about subject line, email content to optimize email campaigns.
  • Integration with other tools. 

Drawbacks of GetResponse 

  • Difficult to grow email subscriber as click to confirm is required.
  • Multiple plans that makes difficult selection of the plan. 

Cost of GetResponse 

GetResponse provide four different options. Basic, Plus, Professional and Enterprise. The restriction in these plans are based on features. For the basic version you need to pay $15 per month. Supported subscriber are 1000. In the Plus plan you can create webinars, sales funnels & automation builder up to 5 in number. The cost of Plus plan is $49 per month. 

#5 Drip  

Drip is all in one marketing tool for marketers and bloggers. You can create various automation workflow that provides better results with e-mail marketing. Key features of Drip are given below. 

Features of Drip 

  • Subscriber tagging and workflow facility.
  • Split testing facility for subject line and email conversations.
  • Performance tracking facility.
  • Subscriber list management.
  • Mobile optimized email facility.
  • Easy to sign up widget facility. 

Benefits of Drip 

  • Easy to automate emails.
  • Analytics dashboard that helps you to see open rate, click rate etc.
  • Trustworthy and email never goes to spam.
  • Segmentation facility as per subscribers.
  • Behavior based automation.
  • Chat and email support. 

Drawbacks of Drip 

  • Difficult to use for first time users.
  • Expensive compared to other marketing tools. 

Cost of Drip 

Drip offers two different options basic and pro. The basic plan costs you $49 per month and useful for the subscriber count up to 2500. Pro plan costs you $122 per month and suitable for subscriber count 5000. 

Over to you 

I hope you have got good insight about best email marketing tools. Select the best tool based on features and cost and get started with email marketing.

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