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5 Powerful Words That Controls Minds

Do you want to control the mind of others? If yes, you are going to love this.  

Today I’m gonna teach you five persuasive words that you can use to control the mind. So let’s get started.

control your mind 

5 Powerful Words That Controls Minds

#1 You 

Now why is “you” so powerful? 

Understand human beings, we tune in to the radio frequency called WIIFM, and that is “what’s in it for me?” 

We are sometimes very selfish, unfortunately. 

We’re thinking about, you know,why should I pay attention to this? 

  • Why does it even matter?
  •  What’s in it for me?
  •  Why should I even give you the time?

So when you say the word “you,” it automatically communicates “Hey, this is something for you, pay attention.” 

Imagine you are walking down the street and you hear someone yell, “Hey you!” You’re like, “Oh, is that me?” That’s the power of that word. 

So in your messaging, in your marketing, or even when you’re selling one on one, are you using a lot of “you” or are you using a lot of “I” or “me” or “our company?” 

Use a lot more “you” than “I,” and you’ll automatically be more persuasive. 

#2 Free 

Word number two, and that is “free.”  

Oh, if it’s free it is for me, right? People like a bargain, people like free stuff. 

You know sometimes when you walk into a supermarket or a store, and there’s like free sample? 

“Hey, try some, try it, take a bite, try this.” “Oh, okay, that’s on her, right?” That’s free. People like free stuff.

Now, you gotta be very careful and use “free” selectively, because if you do too much of it, you might devalue your product, service, or your offer,

 but if you use it intelligently, maybe it’s a free sample, a free trial.

Because you have to understand, human beings, we don’t like risk. 

How can we eliminate the risk for the prospects? How can we take some of that risk and actually put it on our own shoulders? 

One of the most powerful ways to do this is “Hey, you know what? This is free. 

“Try it out, see if you like it.” “Oh, okay. Then that means it’s risk-free for me, “so what I’ve got to lose?” 

You know how it is when you say free sample, a drink, a something, a sample, tasting, whatever, and you’re like, “Oh, this is pretty good, “I guess I’ll buy some,” versus, “Hey, no, there’s no free, “I want you to buy this right now.” 

Oh, that’s something new that I’ve never tried before. I’m not gonna take that risk.  

#3 New 

Word number three, that is “new.” That’s right, “new.” 

We want to know what is new. Hey, sometimes you talk to your buddy, your friend. 

“Hey, what’s new, what’s happening, right?” We want to know the news. 

Why do we tune in to the news every damn day, right?  

  • What’s happening?
  •  What’s the news?
  •  Facebook, what’s happening?
  •  What’s the news?

We like what’s new because new means it’s exciting, it’s different, right? 

It’s not the mundane, it’s not the typical norm. We always want to know. 

Human beings, we’re nosy as hell. You want to know what’s new, new feature. 

So in your marketing, maybe for your products or for service, for whatever is it that you do, can you introduce a new feature, a new benefit, a new update, right? 

You want to know what movie, what’s the new movie, the new song, the new video on YouTube every day. 

We want to know what’s new. So how can you incorporate this in your messaging, and in your marketing? 

Use “new.” 

#4 Now 

Word number four, and that is “now.” “Now.” 

You know, nothing kills sales more than delay.  

Procrastination equals poverty. You do not want your prospects to procrastinate. 

How do you instill the sense of urgency? 

How do you make sure that they take action now? 

Not tomorrow, not the next day, not get back to you, now. 

See, the word “now” itself creates a sense of urgency. 

Even through testing on my own website, we test a number of different things where when you say, “Just click here,” or you say, “Click here now,”

 that makes a difference, that bumps conversion. 

Right, so where can you use “now” in your maybe sales copy, or your website, or in your email or on social media posts? 

Where can you use the word “now?” 

Right there, people think about, “Okay, wow, I need to take some action.” 

Just listen to the difference “Take action” or “take action now.” 

“Buy” or “buy now.” 

“Take advantage of this offer” or “take advantage of this offer now.” 

Do you see the difference? 

#5 Secret  

Word number five, and that is “secret.” That’s right, come a little closer. 

Let me share a secret with you. I can’t tell you, it’s a secret. 

People want to know what are the secrets, what’s going on. 

It’s like the fear of missing out, FOMO, right? 

You’ve heard that term, you want to know what is the secret. 

Tell me, I’m not gonna tell anybody. 

Tell me the secret. 

People want to know secrets, and it’s a very, very powerful word. 

It’s within our DNA. 

We want to know the things other people don’t know. 

We want access to knowledge that other people don’t have access to. 

So, “secret” or “secrets,” even better, more than one are very, very powerful words. 

So those are the five persuasive words.

Do you use any of the words given above to persude? 

Share your experience in the comment section.

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