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Welcome to 10x Learning Hub

Learning high-income skills and gaining authentic knowledge about the latest technology is a big challenge today.

Professional courses taught in schools and colleges do not cover practical aspects of life especially finance and internet money.

95/100 people are not aware of high-income skills like digital marketing, SEO – Google Ranking, Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Sales Funnel building, Online Advertisements, Video Editing, and a lot more. 10x Learning Hub powered by shitanshu10x is an initiative to solve this problem.

At 10x Learning Hub you can learn about Digital Marketing, SEO – Google Ranking, Social Media, money management, and a lot more.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Practical SCET-1 by Shitanshu

Digital Marketing Practical SCET-2 by Shitanshu

Multiple Source of Income & Online Business

How to become Rich? – Where to Invest 1 Million?

7 Money Rules for Financial Freedom

5 Powerful Money Secrets

10 High Income Skills

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