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Join 10x Multi Income Live Webinar – Learn How to Build Part Time Online Income in 100 Days without any skills even if you are in Job?

Get Online CoachingBecome Infopreneur in 100 Days

Book a Seat worth ₹1999 for just ₹199 & learn from your home!

3 Hours 10x LIVE Webinar by Shitanshu Kapadia (India’s 1st Infoprenure Mentor & 10x Multi Income Coach) + 2 Hours Digital Marketing Live Practical

22nd January 2023, 10 AM | Sunday

NoteIt is not about Investment, Stock Market, Crypto or MLM. It is learning High Income Skills Digital Marketing and establishing an online business.

 Learn High-Income SkillsDigital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Video Editing, Content Writing

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What Do You Learn In this Webinar?

3P + 3P System
Rat Race
Hexa Income Framework
How to Find your Winning Business Ideas
SEO Practical Live
Social Media Facebook Practical Live

Make Internet Money Like This in Part-Time

Google AdSense

Google Adsense Earning

Daily and Monthly Earning of one of my Mentee from Blogging

Google Adsense

Make Money Like This Every Month

Regular Monthly Income from Google Adsense


Earning from Paid Post

My Earning from Paid Post

Infopreneur Mentorship Program Cover

Free Online Business Passion

Find Online Business Based on your Passion

Online Presence

Create Your Online Presence – Website Designing

Social Media

Social Media – Social Media Mastery


Rank High on Google – SEO


Make Money Online –  Monetization

lead generation

Online Lead Generation & Advertisement

Bonus with Mentorship Program

Video Making and Editing

Learn Video Making, Sound Editing, Shorts Video & YouTube Channel Branding

Content Creation & Copy Writing

Blogging, Content Creation, Keyword Research, Persuasion & Copy Writing


Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for every single person who is eager to make multiple sources of online part-time income with a job or business.

You shall learn high-income skills such as digital marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and method to find your winning business Idea in this webinar. This webinar is not for people who are looking for a Get Rich Quick scheme. Transformation takes effort and consistent hard work.

How is this webinar different?

This webinar is the basic foundation for starting your online business. I will focus on your real value of strategies and principles that can really change your Life. I am not going to talk about Tactics and Shiny Object Syndrome.

Hence, this webinar will be the one that you will remember for many years and will even tell your friends to attend.

Will there be an up-sell at the end of the webinar?

Yes, I will share the option to continue to learn from me and join my mentorship program, which can change your life. You can easily build a part-time income and make a lot of money.

I feel it is my duty to give the mentorship option to the people who really need help.

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